Dominical is a Perfect Area to Live In: Properties For Sale and Rent

Living in Costa Rica is a dream for many people; the first things that come to mind are the wonder of its beaches and forests, a gorgeous climate, friendly people, abundant flora and fauna, and a growing economy. The incredible Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea are accessible within a few hours of most locations, but the coastal area of Dominical is one of the most desirable spots. It’s economical for foreigners and offers tons of health benefits

The benefits of the sea for your health and well-being

If you have respiratory problems or allergies, you’ll do well in a coastal environment. Seawater is rich in iodine and sea salt; both are found in almost all nasal decongestants. In addition, iodine, which is diluted in the sea breeze, is a natural bactericide that helps eliminate infections, especially those related to the respiratory and ocular systems.

Whether you have high or low blood pressure, living in Dominical can work to stabilize it. At sea level, the atmospheric pressure is higher, and therefore, the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher. This characteristic favors the oxygenation of organs and body tissue, which directly affects blood pressure.

Imagine living with no more joint pain. Costa Rica’s sandy beaches are better than any indoor gym! Long walks by the sea, running along the shore, or stretching or doing yoga on the sand… there’s no shortage of healthy exercise options that can have a positive effect on the joints. In fact, many doctors recommend a warm coastal climate and low-impact outdoor activity for patients who have arthritis and other joint pains.

Costa Rica can heal your wounds and troublesome skin conditions. The salt and iodine found in seawater promote superficial wound and skin healing. The salty air and sunny environment can also help eliminate acne, eczema, and other skin problems.

Homes for Sale in Dominical

Now that you know more about the health benefits of living in Costa Rica, all that remains is to a) choose from our catalog of fantastic properties and b) come and enjoy all the benefits of this paradise called “Costa Rica.”

  • 5-Bedroom Home in San Martin Sur, Dominical, Costa Rica. The property measures 8453 square meters and features a house with an ocean view and two cabins in the middle of two creeks. Located between Dominical and Uvita, it´s minutes away from many beautiful beaches, waterfalls, stores, and restaurants. 
  • New Villa-Style Construction in a gated community on the beach. Located between Dominical and Uvita, this villa-style home has three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2-car parking, a large pool, and spectacular ocean and mountain views. 
  • 11-acre Farm Ready for Development. With open farmland, plenty of fruit trees, large pastures for your horses, and even a small two-story house, this property in Dominical is the perfect project for a dreamer. It has abundant water all year round and is located 25 minutes from the town of Dominical in Punta Mira. 
  • Whitewater Ocean View Above Dominicalito Bay. This property exudes luxury with two bedrooms, a 1-car garage, and a 1500 sq. ft. area. It´s a villa located 300 ft. above sea level, with a pool, BBQ area, and an incredible balcony. 

JJ Properties CR has an extensive selection of fine homes and properties in the Dominical/Uvita area of Costa Rica. Your only responsibility is to decide on which one will become your dream home. Call us today; you won’t be disappointed.