Restaurant & Home in Pérez Zeledón, Rivas

Restaurant & Home in Pérez Zeledón, Rivas

Restaurant & Home in Pérez Zeledón, Rivas

Rivas, Cantón Pérez Zeledón, Provincia San José, 11904, Costa Rica

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180 Square meters
Lot Size
28 Hectare


Beautiful restaurant and home bordered by 500 meters of riverfront and about another 500 meters of road frontage. The property has a cable crossing( canopy) to the restaurant. The home is a 4 bedroom 1 bath, kitchen , living room. The property has room to add between 5 to 10 beautiful cabins. The property itself consists of lots of jungle, so wild animals, and many species of birds will be seen on a regular basis.

There are spectacular views of the surrounding mountains as you will see in the photos. The climate in this area is known for very cool nights as well as comfortable days. There are many more possibilities for expansion.

Price $499.000

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