Lot and House at las Tumbas

Lot and House at las Tumbas

Lot and House at las Tumbas

15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA

For Sale


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Two story concrete block construction with 2 outside seating decks, with mountain, valley and ocean views, one deck wrap’s around the master bedroom upstairs, and the other deck is outside the upstairs apartment. There are four bathrooms (2 Unfinished) located in the house, One in the kitchen area, one upstairs in the apartment, one next to the unfinished master bedroom, and one next to the unfinished office. There are 6 rooms downstairs and a hallway including 2 bathrooms. Upstairs there are 6 rooms, The apartment, a closet, a bathroom , a small bedroom , and the master bedroom with attached bathroom. Downstairs and below the master bedroom is the office shaped in a large octagon with eight 11 ft. wide walls. The living room and kitchen are shared. A laundry room and dry storage room, are between the office and kitchen. The house has 7 double glass sliding doors 7 ft. high and 7 ft. wide. The ocean can be seen from afar from the master bedroom, both decks, apartment, office, and living room. 2- The house is designed in an octagon at one end and 2 mini octagons at the other. 3- The Kitchen has a wooden entry door in the front of the house along with 3 windows in part of the octagon above 2 sunken sinks for dish washing , a table bar that seats four chairs, just off the center of the entry doorway. A bathroom is located in the kitchen area under the circle wooden stairway that leads to the second floor apartment. A 40 ft. Pilon tree trunk is positioned along the entire length of the kitchen and living room, starting over the bathroom ceiling and through the living room along the dry room ceiling and hallway ceiling and ends near the entry of the office. Above the glass doors to the office. (About 40 ft. long) This Pilon tree trunk is used as electrical support for hanging lamps and is primarily there for the aesthetical look. All of the main wooden support beams in the entire house are made from Pilon hard wood. There are seven windows throughout the living and dining area with a double glass door on one side and a wooden entry door on the other. A fire place is located in the living room at the far wall opposite the dry room and adjacent to the double glass doors leading to the outside. The ocean can be seen from the living room through the glass doors and windows on that side of the house. 4- The Height of the ceilings is as follows: Bottom floor: Kitchen, Living room, hall way, dry room, laundry room, and office are just over 10ft.high. 5- The upstairs apartment is set up for adding a kitchen similar to the downstairs, with water, and electric for refrigerator, oven etc. The height of the ceilings center beam is 11ft. high and tapering to 9 ft. along the outside walls including the bathroom and storage closet. The ceilings are of cedar wood and supporting beams are Pilon hardwood. The apartment floor is Grandlio hardwood. The apartment bathroom is 9.5 ft. by 10.5 ft. with window facing the mountain and with tile floor, a double sink basin and glass mirror on wall for two people use. 6- The upstairs middle room could be used as a kid’s bedroom or a clothes storage room, with two entry ways from both the apartment and the master bedroom. The room is 14ft. by 9.5 ft. with 3 windows facing the car port, bodega, and mountain. 7- The Master Bedroom is designed as an octagon with the wooden ceilings coming together in the center as a circular point and 16ft above the master bedroom floor at its peak. The room is 26 ft. long and 26 ft. wide. Four rectangular windows are located 13 ft. above the floor for air flow and outside light on four of the eight walls and 3 large 6ft. by 6.5ft. Windows in a curvature fashion which allow viewing in 3 directions with Mountain, Valley and Ocean views, from the bedroom. A small rectangular window next to the master bathroom for viewing toward the car port and bodega. There are 2 double glass sliding doors for entry out to the wrap around deck. ( both 7 ft. high and 7 ft. wide.) The deck measures 6 ft. wide and 58 ft. long with 3 curves. The master bathroom is 10.5 ft long and 10.5 ft wide with 2 large windows, one facing the ocean and the other facing the wooded lot in the back yard. A third set of windows with all glass block face the mountain for morning sun lite and only allow the outside light in for the shower and sink and is not for viewing. Below the master bedroom is the office in an octagon shape with eight 11 ft. walls equal to the master bedroom size and 26ft. long and 26 ft. wide. A stairwell that leads to the master bedroom is positioned along the inside wall. A double glass door leading from the hallway to the living room area is located next to the bottom of the staircase. 2 additional double glass sliding doors 7 ft. high and 7 ft. wide and 2 large rectangular windows 6ft. by 4ft. are located around the 8 sided octagon office walls, along with a small rectangular window that looks over the car port next to the office bathroom, all with mountain, valley or ocean views. The office bath room is 10.5 ft. long and 10.5 ft wide. Outside underneath the upper wraparound deck is a ground floor cement deck. 8- The house was originally built for the addition of a bed and breakfast and the electricity has two separate lines coming from the main road to the house for addition of a future rancho. The main pluming and water is already in the ground for the addition of a rancho with bathroom and 4 bedroom units all with ocean views. Other options could include guest house or swimming pool. 9- The house has 48 windows, and 7 double glass doors with 14 wooden doors, two of which are entry doors from outside through the kitchen and living room. 10- The main beams in the Kitchen that supports the apartment are 6 inch by 6 inch steel and there are two cross beams 21ft long. 11- Under the master bedroom there is a 12 inch by 12 inch steel beam in the center of the floor with a 6 X 4 inch steel beam running parallel to the main steel beam to support the stairway structure. Several smaller steel beams are used for cross section support. The two decks have Steel support beams as follows. 12- The apartment deck has 13 steel beams under the concrete floor along with 5 steel anchor beams for support. 13- The master bedroom wraparound deck has 28 steel support beams under the concrete floor with 28 steel anchor beams. All main wooden beams in the house came from a giant Pilon hardwood tree and the wood under the roof is cedar. 14. The foundation was poured using 5ft. of rebar and concrete To support the 2 story concrete block structure. 15. The apartment floor is Grandlio hardwood. The master bedroom floor is Purple Heart hardwood. Total house Square footage is about 3,500 ft. The house has a internet (wymax ) conection from the tower located in a direct line toward the ocean about 3 miles away with wi/fi. and cell phone reception. Out Side Car port and/or temporary storage facility: 26ft. X 22ft. Overhead clearance is 8 ft. Bodega: 21ft X 11ft. With attached bathroom for workers and outside wash basin for cleanup. Rock walled parking area for 6 cars. Cost estimates to complete the house. Currently the house is unfinished and is a work in progress and will require about $100,000. Dollars to complete the inside and some landscaping. Cost estimates are as follows: 1. Tile for downstairs: Kitchen and living room, bathroom, laundry room, dry room hallway- $4,000.00 Installed. 2. Finish office walls, floor, tile and install stairway to master bedroom, $5,000.00 installed. 3. Add bedroom hardwood floor $3,000.00 installed. 4. Finish two bathrooms, with tile and utilities, add Cabinets, Mirrors, labor, etc. —— $ 8,000.00 installed. 5. Kitchen Cabinets— $4,000.00 installed. 6. Kitchen Tile for sink, shelf and bar — $2,000.00 installed. 7. Buy 11 wooden doors —- $3,000.00 installed. 8. Paint exterior house—- $4,000.00 9.Varnish all outside wood under roof.– $1,000.00 10. Add stairway railing to apartment and varnish two hardwood floors. $2,000.00 11. Tile outside around house $3,000.00 installed. 12.Finish Electrical, house, car port, bodega.$5,000.00 installed. 13. Install rain trough, finish trim. $1,500.00 installed. 14. Add deck guards, benches, and deck tile.$2,000.00 installed. Fire place (finish) $1,500.00 installed. 15. Dry room shelves. $500.00 16. Install 500 liter water tank with motor and controls to regulate water pressure. $500.00 An additional $50,000.00 to outside by adding a Rancho and doing some landscaping. 17. Build Rancho. $20,000.00 18. Misc. $5,000.00 19. Landscaping $25,000.00 Total $100,000.00 Labor costs in Costa Rica are low in comparison to USA . Local worker about $2.00 per hr. Carpenters, tile layers $3.00 to $5.00 per hr. Electricians from $8.00 to $10.00 per hr. Material purchased and ready for installation is as follows. 1. Master bedroom hardwood floor. (purple heart) 2. A 500 liter water tank. 3. Cedar wood for all of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 4. Wooden railings for outside decks. 5. Wood for Stairway to master bedroom from office. 6. Fire place brick for installation of fireplace . 7. The windows for the whole house will be included and are under contract and will be installed when house is finished. If some one would want to select their own windows a $15,000 allowance will be given. 8. The 12 remaining wooden doors will be included in the house price and will be made at the mill at the head of the valley. The Sale price is $445,000.00 as is, with 2 hectare (4.8 acres of land). Which includes 1/3 of the lake. The house is currently unfinished and is a work in progress. Sale price will be adjusted upward upon completion of each project listed above. The property is located 1.5 Kilometers from Tinamaste down the valley road to the first bridge about 1/2 mile from the Diamante water falls and in the community of Las Tumbas. Tinamaste is located half way between San Isidro General and playa Dominical on the Pacific side in the Southern part of San Jose Province Costa Rica. House: With 2 hectare. (unfinished) As is $425,000. One Hecttare lots: (2.4 acres per lot) 2 lots by lake and 1 lot by stream. (55,000.00 per lot) $165,000. 9.2 Hectares next to mountain, (22 acres) $325,000. Total price $915,000. . Picture are attached. If someone would buy all three offers we would negotiate an attractive discount. Some financing would be available.

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