Cool Climate Waterfall Farm

Cool Climate Waterfall Farm

Cool Climate Waterfall Farm

Cantón Pérez Zeledón, San Jose Province, Costa Rica

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Lot Size
50.3 Hectars = 124.29 Acres


This farm is located 20 minutes up the hill from San Isidro, a small city where you can find almost anything for your everyday, and 60 to 70 minutes from Dominical beach. With an altitud of about 1700 meters from sea level, giving a very nice cool temperature during the day about 22-25 degrees and 16-20 degrees during the night.

This farm has 40 hectares of primary and secondary forest that gets payments yearly by government, and 10 hectares of cattle, for someone who likes to develop it as residential homes or make your own private home with a great views, space and privacy to grow your own vegetables and any fruit trees.

The best of all, it has a river with waterfall that borders the property running all year around and that you can make it your own drinking water.

Farm has legal Asada water and electricity just steps away.

Don’t miss this chance to get a piece of paradise!!!

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