Beautiful spacious house in Palmares, Perez Zeledon

Beautiful spacious house in Palmares, Perez Zeledon

Beautiful spacious house in Palmares, Perez Zeledon

Palmares, Cantón Pérez Zeledón, Provincia San José, 11903, Costa Rica

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1248 sq mts


Located just 10 minutes from the center of Perez Zeledon and less than 5 minutes from the mall, close to school, college, health center, supermarket and more.

It has 33 meters of front all closed in gates with a front green area and access for at least 6 vehicles, on the right you can see the water pump where this house gives both public water and the stream, the garden extends to the back part where we will have grass and some trees giving a lot of naturalness and freshness to the place, also there is a very practical multipurpose ranch.

The house has beautiful columns around it giving a lot of space in the corridor, large windows allow natural light to increase inside the house, moderately high ceilings for greater freshness, it has beautiful lamps in the common areas and recessed lights, the house has a spacious living room, dining room, kitchen with wood and granite furniture with island style, it has 3 bedrooms (1 with A / C), 1 full bathroom and large laundry area. Currently the house is in excellent maintenance condition.

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